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Visiting Committee

The Department's visiting committee will support the mission of the department by engaging with faculty and students for on-campus activities and creating stronger ties with alumni and friends with the department. The visiting committee held an on-campus organizing meeting in October 2008 with the department chair and program chairs to discuss the committee's organizational structure, and goal setting. Alan Brown and Joe Sewash are co-chairs of the committee.

The Visiting Committee will develop ways to share life and business skill knowledge gained from experience at WVU and after as it relates to individual career development to students and faculty in a way that supports the department's goals and objectives and their service to the College of Arts and Sciences and West Virginia University.

The committee has established three subcommittees to address alumni outreach issues, professional development support, and web presence. The committee will meet on campus once each semester to engage faculty and be available for student mentoring opportunities.

Committee Members

Dr. Alan Brown, Co-chair

Schlumberger abrown11 "at"

Joe Sewash, Co-chair

North Carolina Center for Geographic Information and Analysisjoe.sewash "at"

Linda Culp

San Diego Association of Governmentslcu401 "at"

Robert Dulli

National Geographic Societybdulli "at"

Dr. Jay Gatrell

Indiana State Universityjgatrell "at"

Ronald Mullennex

Marshall Miller and Associatesron.mullennex "at"

Dr. Amy Pratt

Non-Profit Leadershipamypratt "at"

Brian Raber

Merrick and Companybrian.raber "at"

Heather Ramsey

Chesapeake Energyhramsey "at"

Geary Schindel

Edwards Aquifer Authoritygschindel "at"

Jennifer Sincock

US Environmental Protection Agencysincock.jennifer "at"

Ashley S.B. Douds

EQT Production CompanyPittsburgh, PAADouds "at"

Jeffrey A. Sitler

Office of Environmental Health and SafetyUniversity of VirginiaCharlottesville, VA  js2zf "at"