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Articles About Morgantown

Forbes lists Morgantown as second-best college town for job growth.  Morgantown was recently named the No. 2 best college town for jobs in the nation by Forbes magazine. Jobs in the U.S. as a whole shrunk by 3.5 percent from March 2008 to March 2009, but there were 62 college towns that experienced job growth. For more details, check out

Morgantown tapped as 'Distinctive Destination'

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is including Morgantown in its Dozen Distinctive Destinations list as a distinguished place to visit. Trust officials say Morgantown offers "a wealth of pleasant surprises" where "visitors are first struck by the energy of this vibrant college town, but they soon realize that given the city's absorbing history, splendid architecture and exquisite setting, there's much more to Morgantown than meets the eye." Nearly 100 cities have been named Distinctive Destinations by the trust.

Morgantown: Smart Place to LiveCity ranks 29th in Kiplinger's 50-best listing

Add Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine to the growing list of pub­lications that have recognized Morgantown for its positive attributes.

Kiplinger's June edition ranked Morgantown 29th among U.S. cities in its survey, "50 Smart Places to Live."

Last week, Inc., an online entre­preneurial Web site, rated Mor­gantown 15th in "Overall Best Cities" among cities with metro populations under 150,000 in its May publication, "Boomtowns'06."

In addition, Forbes magazine recently ranked Morgantown the 5th "Best Small Metro" out of 179 comparable U.S. cities.

What sets Kiplinger's survey apart from the others is that it con­sidered the entire pool of U.S. cities and was not classified by population size.

"This is important, because it shows we're becoming what we've set out to become - to be a place where quality of life is top priority," said Ron Justice, Morgantown mayor. "Most of these other cities have far greater populations. I think this is just another sign that we have a high level of cooperation between government, businesses and other entities that make our city work."

Nashville, Tenn., topped the list.

To arrive at the final list of cities, Kiplinger's surveyed its readers to see what factors they considered most important when choosing a place to live. The top two were cost of living and cost of housing. Quality health care and a low crime rate were also among the most important requirements.

The magazine then asked Bert Sperling, co-author of Cities Ranked & Rated and host of, to design a database to consider these factors. Other key criteria were weather, education (primary, secondary, and higher), cultural amenities and transportation. Kiplinger's also factored in economic vitality, giving points to "well-diversified economies that are good places to start or expand businesses." In addition, the mag­azine looked at the variety of cultural and recreational activities avail­able.

Kiplinger's found that Morgan­town experienced a 3.9-percent pop­ulation growth in the past year and has a median home price of $141,900.

Morgantown's "Metropolitan Sta­tistical Area" population was list­ed at 115,519. Of all 50 cities listed, only four had smaller populations.

"The geographical area that creates our MSA is all of Monongalia and Preston counties," said Chris Fletcher, Morgantown city planner. "Basically, an MSA begins with one urbanized area with a population of 50,000 or more. Then, the U.S. Census identifies populations near that area that are socially and economically integrated. "Published by Kiplinger Washington Editors, the monthly personal finance magazine covers topics like investment, retirement, taxes and real estate.

Morgantown is #1!

"Morgantown, W.Va., is the best small city in America, according to a new study by Demographics Daily. The study designated 141 places as "dreamtowns," defined as cities with populations of 10,000 to 50,000 that offer an outstanding quality of life."