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Technical Support

In order to better serve you, it helps to have a record of the time and nature of your request.

Please email:

For immediate issues, stop by the IT office (Room 412) or call 304-293-0555


Geology and Geography provides students with 4 professional state of the art computer teaching labs (415, 416, 419, and 420) and 1 advanced computer lab (425) with industry/research grade software. Please treat these labs as professional work environments.


No food or drink is permitted in any of the computer rooms at any time.  If you bring food and drink, you will be asked to leave and your lab privileges can be revoked. Food and Drink put technology at risk, attract pests, and make keyboards gross and unusable.


Computers in the labs are in WVU-AD Log-in on the WVU system. You will need to use your WVU Log-in name and password. This is the same one that you use to access accounts such as your mix or outlook email.


PRINTING FROM LAB MACHINES (See Connecting to a Printer)



Students are provided with network storage on the N: network drive. This is a private network drive account. Works saved here will be accessible from whatever machine you log into that uses the University log-in (AD) account.  Geology and Geography Network files are backed up regularly.



WVU Students can use Google Drive through their mix accounts: 



WVU provides enhanced Wi-Fi wireless access throughout campus.

However, WVU does not support access to network resources from wireless access per WVU IT Security. WVU does not support wireless printers.

For how to sign-in to ARCPro in the labs, please see instruction sheet


WVU Geology and Geography provides students with a set number of pages to be printed per user per semester (350 pages).  If you are preparing handouts for class or material for a research related project, it is better to print one copy and use the copy room for the rest. See Hope or Lisa in the main Geology and Geography office (room 330) for copier information. If you need to print out materials for class, talk to the main office about increasing your quote.

 If you are printing a large amount of material (50 + pages), please check that the printer you are going to use has enough paper and that the ink isn’t low.

 If a printer is low on paper or toner, please let the WVU IT Office know. THANK YOU!



The department has a large format plotter available. We can produce output up to 42 inches wide and pretty much as long as you need. If you need to print on the Brooks Hall plotter, please see the technical support personnel for help. We will be glad to help you get your poster set up and printed out. If you want to do it yourself and are comfortable with the process feel free to do so. If you have any questions on it’s use or paper changes please don’t hesitate to ask for our help.

 Poster printing is also now supported by WVU Libraries in room G-18 at the Evansdale Library and in room 140 on the lower level of the Downtown Library. 



To connect to a printer in the building including lab machines (printers are set up on a user by user basis)

On your computer in the left-hand bottom corner> Click on the start button

In the blank search box (Run function) that appears above the start button, type in:

\\bkh-print and press Enter

Then select (double-click) on the printers you want to connect with on your computer.

Office Computers

Graduate students will be provided with a computer at their assigned desk. These computers are assigned to specific desks, please contact Randy if you plan to move a computer outside its assigned room.

 These computers are intended for basic needs and may not be able to handle all of the specialized software you may need in your research. If you need higher end computers and software, you may need to access these in the computer labs or your advisor’s research lab.


Personal Laptops

Many students prefer to use their personal laptops. Connecting via the wireless networks will not allow access to your network drives or the printers.


It is good computer practice to back up your computer data using an external hard drive or cloud-based storage.

Keeping Your Computer Area Optimal

Computers require air intake to fans to work properly. To keep your computer in shape, please don’t stack any papers around or on it or put it where it can’t “breath”.   The G&G IT office has computer cleaning supplies (ex. compressed air, cleaning wipes) if you need to use any.


For WVU Geology & Geography Software

ARC Student License Request Form

 For Door Lock Access

Email Lisa Lively at 

Please include rooms needed. If you are requesting access to a faculty research lab, the faculty member has to send an email formally requesting access.

WVU Software, and Security

Two-factor Identification

WVU now requires two-factor authentication for logging into your WVU account. Learn more here:


Anti-Virus Software

WVU-owned computers are required to run SOPHOS anti-virus. SOPHOS is available for free to WVU students.  Please see Randy Crowe if you have any questions about this.

Employees, students may install Sophos anti-virus on personal computers and devices

Employees and students can install WVU’s new anti-virus software, Sophos, on personally owned computers and devices. Free download instructions are at All you need is your WVU email.

Sophos is replacing Kaspersky under a new three-year licensing agreement. If you have previously installed Kaspersky on your personal devices, Information Technology Services recommends you switch to Sophos before August 2019. Kaspersky will continue to be updated and will effectively protect your devices until then. After August 2019, however, you must pay to receive updates from Kaspersky.

ITS is deploying Sophos to machines on all WVU campuses. DO NOT independently remove current anti-virus protection or install Sophos on WVU machines. Local IT managers will coordinate the change.

Sensitive Data

WVU’s Sensitive Data Protection Policy prohibits any sensitive or personally identifiable information (PII) to be stored in unsecured locations.  Please do not store social security (SS#) or credit card (CC) numbers on WVU computers.

Periodically, WVU IT Security run computer scans and you will be notified if you have suspected SS# or CC numbers on your computer.  Sometimes files are marked as suspected but are false positives (such as GIS shapefiles) please make sure to let Randy know, so that they can be marked before the next scan.

WVU ITS Announcements and Outages

WVU ITServices provides students with notification of planned maintenance and unplanned IT outages of important systems via social media. You can "like" WVU Information Technology on Facebook or follow @WVUITServices on Twitter.

Software provided by WVU

For software available to WVU Students, please go to  WVU STUDENT IT RESOURCES


The THREE most common fixes for computer problems.

 1.      Check that your computer and monitor are plugged into the outlet and back of your computer and did not come slightly loose.

2.      Check to make sure that your computer program is running. On a PC hit CTRL + ALT + Delete (Press Control Key and Alt Key, and Delete Key at the same time) if you don’t know how to do this, please stop by the Geology & Geography IT office for a demonstration. Then go to Start Task Manager to see what tasks are running or not running on your computer. If a program is not running, you can stop it in the task manager.

3.      Rebooting (restarting) your computer fixes many problems

a.      Computers are complex devices and sometimes figurative wires get crossed. To do a forced reboot on your computer (Be aware you will lose any unsaved data – make sure you keep consistent backups):

b.      Turn of the computer on the power switch by holding down power until the computer turns off. Wait 10 -20 seconds before restarting your computer.


Internet Problems

 Typically on the bottom bar of your computer there is a computer with internet cord icon. If you move your mouse over the icon it will tell you if you have internet access and with what.   Many times there are external reasons such as the WVU Internet being down. ….

Browser Issues

WVU supports only one browser to access eCampus. However, other computer programs might require the use of other browsers. If one browser doesn’t work, open and try another.



Finally, don’t assume that if your computer isn’t working that you did something wrong.

Oftentimes computer issues are outside your control such as network services being down, issues with computer updates, or other. Typically information on your computer is retrievable.

Remain calm and contact WVU Geology and Geography IT Office for assistance.