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Randy Crowe

Randy Crowe - Systems Administrator

Professional Technologist

Job Description

My official job title is Professional Technologist.

What this means is that I get to look after and maintain a whole mess of different computer systems within our department.

Mainly my work centers around work on, and with computer systems including the setup of hardware, interconnecting LAN services, general user stuff, backups, and some software development.

Being part of a progressive research institution, we have some of the newest and latest computer and information systems as well as some antiques that we just can’t seem to get rid of…the things still do the job as intended very well so we support them too.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday8:15 – 4:45

  • Note that the above listed hours are normal working hours here at WVU. My work takes me all over Brooks Hall and a lot of the downtown campus here at West Virginia University. Many times I’m not in the office, but still on the job somewhere if I don’t answer the phone when you call or stop by.