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                                        FALL 2019 


                      * August 19 UPDATE**

The Department of Geology and Geography invites speakers from around the world to talk with students and faculty within the department. The colloquia are held on Thursdays at 4 p.m. in 325 Brooks Hall during the fall and spring semesters. All talks are free, and most are open to the public.

 All talks will be on Fridays at 2pm in 325 Brooks Hall. Refreshments will always be served.

SEPT 6 - G&G COLLOQUIUM KICKOFF - What I did this summer! 

SEPT 13 - Autumn Long - Ms. Long is Regional Director of Solar United Neighbors, a national organization dedicated to representing the needs and interests of solar owners and supporters. Long is also former MA of our Geography Program. 

SEPT 20 - Caroline Peacock - Dr. Peacock is an experimental biogeochemist with a focus on the application of fundamental chemical principles to understand Earth system processes. Her particular research focus is on the reactivity and cycling of elements in both the marine and terrestrial environments, and how elemental mobility and fate are controlled through interactions with sediment and soil minerals, and the interplay between mineralogical and microbiological processes. She works at the University of Leeds. 

SEPT 27 - Susan Pepper - Dr. Pepper is chair of the Nonproliferation and National Security Department at the Brookhaven National Lab and vice-president of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management.

OCT 4 - Paolo Farah - Dr. Farah is an Assistant Professor of Public Administration in the WVU Public Administration Department, where he focuses on policy related to sustainable development. 

OCT 18 - Caroline Faria -
Dr. Faria is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Geography and the Environment at the University of Texas. She is a feminist political and cultural geographer working on gender and nationalism. In particular her research has focused on the US-based South Sudanese diaspora and the contemporary processes of gendered development and nation-building that have emerged since the signing of the 2005 Sudanese Comprehensive Peace Agreement. 

NOV 1 - Vernon Morris - Dr. Morris is Professor in the Department of Chemistry, and the Director of the Atmospheric Sciences Program at Howard University. He also has a joint appointment in the Environmental Engineering Program at Howard University. An NSF CAREER awardee, Dr. Morris’s research activities focus on field measurements of trace gases and aerosols in the urban environment, long-range transport of mineral dust aerosols, aerobiology, and environmental chemistry. 

NOV 8 -Akeya Carter-Bozman -  Ms. Carter-Bozman is Prevention Specialist for Title IX and Equity Assurance, in the Division for Equity, Justice, and Inclusion at WVU.

NOV 15 - Brian Gross - Dr. Gross is the Director of the Environmental Modeling Center, National Weather Service (NWS), NOAA. (previously scheduled for Oct 11 but that is Fall Break) 

NOV 22 - Jim Schiffbauer - Dr. Schiffbauer is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences and the University of Missouri. With an academic background spanning both biology and geology, his research interests largely center on how accurately we can interpret the history of life from the fossil record. He approaches this problem from the taphonomic perspective, and specifically targets complex multicellular fossils from the dawn of animal life at the Ediacaran–Cambrian transition. 

The G&G Colloquium is only one line-up of exciting events available to you. 

Keep your eyes out for the speaker series of our new WVU Center for Resilient Communities, housed here in Brooks Hall. Dr. Bradley Wilson is director of this novel initiative. 

And already mark your calendars for Monday, October 7th: Our colleagues Jonathan Hall and Mehmet Oztan will be hosting the Seedy Talks’ second session, funded by WV Humanities Council, at 325 Brooks Hall

This program will feature Ken Greene (NY), founder of the first seed library in the U.S., who will talk about his seed stewardship efforts and his work with Native American communities as part of a seed rematriation project. There will be a short movie showing and a panel before Ken’s talk.

*Schedule is subject to change. The specific requirements for graduate students enrolled in colloquium will be noted in follow-up emails in the coming days. 

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. María Alejandra Pérez (G&G Colloquium Chair) at

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