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Graduate Degrees in Geology and Geography

Our interdisciplinary learning environment featuring state-of-the-art laboratory, computing, and spatial analysis facilities offers students the chance to develop innovative research projects and learn valuable skills to help solve the major challenges facing our world today. 

Leading the Way

Geology Graduate Program

Our Geology Program offers both research Master’s and Doctoral degrees as well as a rigorous Master’s professional studies degree. The program has a robust externally funded research program

Geology Graduate Programs

Geography Graduate Program

Our Geography Program offers Master’s and Doctoral degrees and a rigorous certificate program in Geographic Information Science. You will work with faculty engaged in local, regional, and global research.

Geography Graduate Programs

Forms and Resources for Current Grad Students

Find important forms and information for your graduate studies including Plan of Study examples, research plans, graduation information and more.

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Our graduate programs have partnerships with WVU's Regional Research Institute, West Virginia GIS Technical Center, The West Virginia Water Research Institute, WVU International Studies Program, West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey, the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies and the Center for Black Culture.

Learn more about our Research and find Faculty to partner with. For more information about our programs contact Hope Stewart at .

Meet Our Faculty

View Spotlight for Maria Perez

Maria Perez

Associate Professor of Geography; Director of Undergraduate Studies

“It’s easy to contaminate your drinking water if you don’t understand the connection between the surface and the underground. The impacts of pollution and resource extraction — not only environmental but also cultural and ecological — are in many places devastating.”

View Spotlight for Shikha Sharma

Shikha Sharma

Marshall S. Miller Energy Professor of Geology

“Geologists are a jack-of-all trades because we use a little bit of math, a little bit of physics, chemistry and biology.... it helps us develop a holistic perspective to address a wide variety of issues related to the sustainable development of earth resources.”

View Spotlight for Jaime Toro

Jaime Toro

Professor of Geology

“In the last few summers I have been doing field work along the rivers that drain Alaska’s Brooks Range. With my students and collaborators, we map and sample for geochronology, thermochronology and paleothermometry in order to unravel the history of the assembly of Northern Alaska.”