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Meet Our Students and Alumni

Our students are driven to be successful and channel that energy into the many opportunities available to them — internships, organizations, and more. Best of all? They do it all while being supported by our top-tier faculty.

Geology '22

Daniel Price

“My major at WVU was geology, and here I am going out to the middle of the sea! My hope is to bring the wonders of our oceans to places like West Virginia and open up a whole new world to kids and adults alike.”

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Sustainability '25

Ruby Ulrich

"I chose WVU because we have great programs for the physical sciences.... and Morgantown is filled with amazing trails."

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Alex Ehlers

"I completed minors in History and Geographic Information Science. I am hoping to be able to use my skills in all three of these areas to create development plans on both the local and global level."

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Geology PhD

Sam Ocon

"I have always loved being outdoors, and fossil hunting just gives me an excuse to be outside. Plus, finding a fossil means that you’re the first being to lay eyes on this organism for millions of years!"

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Sustainability '27

Andrew O’Neal

"I want to pursue this major because I'm a passionate conservationist and environmentalist who wants to learn how society can become more sustainable.... I want to attend law school and practice environmental law."

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Geography '23

Wren King

"The Sustainable Development Internship is a fantastic opportunity to directly give back to the community that has given so much to me while also putting my education into action."

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Dina Hornbaker

"I majored in multidisciplinary studies in geography, Spanish and communication studies. I have always enjoyed studying the relationships among areas, natural systems, cultural activities and the interdependence of all of these throughout the Earth."

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Sustainability '27

Sophia Grace Kranias

"I am most interested in seeing how different organizations have tried to solve different environmental problems and where we can improve upon them in the future"

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Sustainability '25

Bane Clements-Smart

“I decided to pursue Sustainability Studies because as the demand for sustainable ways of living and interacting with our environment becomes a more pressing issue, understanding and having experience with implementing these changes is a vital skill.”

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Earth & Environmental '25

Aiden Boone

"I am incredibly interested in GIS software, which is my current minor and goes hand in hand with my major."

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