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Research Areas

Sharma research

Center for Resilient Communities

PI: Bradley Wilson, Professor of Geography

Food Justice Laboratory

PI: Bradley Wilson, Associate Professor of Geography

Geovirtual Lab and CAVE Environment

PI: Trevor Harris, Eberly Distinguished Professor of Geography

IsoBioGem Lab

PI: Shikha Sharma, Professor of Geology

Environmental Geochemistry Lab

PI: Dorothy Vesper, Professor of Geology

Montane Forest Dynamics Lab

PI: Amy Hessl, Professor of Geography

MSEEL Marcellus Shale Energy and Environment Laboratory

PI: Tim Carr, Marshall Miller Professor of Geology

Paleobiology Lab

James Lamsdell, Assistant Professor of Geology

Red Earth Observatory Lab

PI: Kathleen C. Benison, Professor of Geology

Remote Sensing Laboratory

PI: Tim Warner, Professor of Geography and Geology

Sedimentary Basin Lab

PI: Amy Weislogel, Associate Professor of Geology

Spatial Ecosystem Ecology Lab

PI: Brenden McNeil, Associate Professor of Geography

West Virginia GIS Technical Center

PI: Aaron Maxwell, Assistant Professor

WVU Vulcanology and Petrology Lab

PI: Graham Andrews, Assistant Professor of Geology