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Research Mission

Tim Carr

The WVU Department of Geology and Geography has a broad and extensive research mission in terms of subject matter and geographic reach with over 40 funded projects totaling over $10 million dollars of new awards in academic year 2019. These project span multiple continents and positively impact our state and region in multiple ways. 

A small sampling of the diversity of subjects includes:

  • Using the information stored in tree rings to understand past environments and the people who lived in them in the Montane Forest Dynamics Lab.
  • Challenging food system inequalities in the Food Justice Lab.
  • Providing critical geographical information for the state and region through the West Virginia GIS Technical Center.
  • Providing a long-term field site for improving recovery efficiency and minimizing environmental implications of unconventional hydrocarbon development at the Marcellus Shale Energy and Environment Lab.

Additional projects are listed under research areas.

Tim Carr, PhD 
Chair, Department of Geology and Geography