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Our faculty and students are active in service to communities around the world and to the disciplines of geography and geology. 

Service to Community

land trust

West Virginia Land Trust
PI: Rick Landenberger, Research Assistant Professor of Geography

seed preservation library

Morgantown Seed Preservation Library
PI: Mehmet Oztan, Service Assistant Professor of Geography

Service to Discipline

Professional Journal Editors 
Faculty members serve as editors or associate editors to professional journals. Tim Warner is editor in chief of the International Journal of Remote Sensing and editor of Remote Sensing Letters.

Professional Society Officers
Faculty members serve as officers in specialty groups or divisions of our professional societies including the Association of American Geographers, the Geological Society of America, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, the Paleontological Society, Southern Regional Science Association and others.

Service to University

The department has invested heavily in the WVU Faculty Senate, including service as senate chair, faculty representative to the B oard of Governors and chair of Faculty Welfare and General Education committees. Our faculty have also served on R esearch Office of Sponsored Programs faculty advisory board committees. 

Service to Education 

Earth Science Education Digital Repository
PI: John Renton, Emeritus Professor of Geology

Dr. Renton has taught over 35,000 students over the span of his career and hopes to keep inspiring Earth Science educators and students by sharing his illustrations through The Research Repository at WVU. Dr. Renton wanted to create a free educational resource for West Virginia K-12 Earth Science teachers and their students, while also providing a wealth of information for teachers of earth science everywhere. The work is a culmination of the study of Earth accumulated during his 50 years teaching. Dr. Renton, a gifted artist, hand-drew all of the illustrations, most during teaching class itself to illustrate topics. He hopes that educators use it to inspire a new generation of Geology majors at WVU since for many K-12 students, earth science is their first introduction to the study of Earth: Geology.