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R. Scott McCleery

R. Scott McCleery is currently pursuing a PhD. in geology. Scott’s research interests are focused on trace metal concentration in organic-rich shale.

Before attending WVU, Scott spent more than 35 years in the upstream oil & gas industry, most recently as an independent consultant. Prior to that, Scott worked for Joshi Technologies International, Inc., as Director of Exploration for 8 months. Before JTI, Scott was employed by PDC Energy, ConocoPhillips, Phillips Petroleum, Chevron and Gulf Oil as both an exploration and development geologist. Most recently, in his professional career, Scott was responsible for developing exploration plays across the United States, with a focus on unconventional shale plays and for planning and geo-steering multi-lateral, multi-branching horizontal wells, utilizing 3D seismic data. Career highlights include contributing to the development of the first sub-salt field in the Gulf of Mexico, 3 years in China developing the largest offshore Chinese oil field discovery and 18 months in Venezuela developing a significant area within the Hamaca Heavy Oil Belt. Mr. McCleery earned a B.S. in Geology and Mathematics in 1981 from the University of Pittsburgh and an M.S. in Geology from the University of New Orleans in 198