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Earth and Environmental Science, B.S.

When you complete the new bachelor of science in Earth and Environmental Science, you will understand Earth systems, the processes that drive them, their impacts on human society and how to apply the scientific method to investigate real-world problems.

The BS in Earth Science prepares you for both specific and evolving career pathways, including:

  • Environmental, hydrologic, geochemical and geospatial consulting, and the evolving energy industry (e.g., geothermal energy production, carbon extraction and sequestration, and discovery and recovery of minerals, such as rare earth elements, critical to battery/electronic production).
  • Regulatory agencies at the state and federal levels.
  • Entrepreneurial efforts to capitalize on the societal shifts that necessarily accompany our global shift towards a more sustainable future.
  • Professional Geologist.

You will also be well prepared for admission to graduate and professional schools.

Academic Catalog Plan of Study