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Undergraduate Advisers

Please contact Hope Stewart, Administrative Secretary for the the Department of Geology and Geography main office, for adviser contacts:

Hope Stewart, Department of Geology and Geography, (304)293-5603
330 Brooks Hall, PO BOX 6300, Morgantown, WV 26506

Geography Undergraduate Advising

Please use the following email for all future communications about the Geography Undergraduate program:

Geology Undergraduate Advising

Students interested in picking the Geology B.S. major should contact one of the Geology undergraduate advisers:

Dr. Jaime Toro, G39 Brooks Hall,, (304)284-9173

Dr. Joe Lebold, G47 Brooks Hall,

Dr. Graham Andrews, G33 Brooks Hall,

Dr. Amy Weislogel, 241 Brooks Hall,, (304)293-6751